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183 countries residents became TSU online courses listeners since 2014

© РИА Томск. Павел Стефанский183 countries residents became TSU online courses listeners since 2014

TOMSK, May 5 – RIA Tomsk. More than 450 thousand people from 183 countries of the world became listeners of the mass open online courses (MOOC) of Tomsk State University (TSU) from 2014 to 2019, the director of the center of development and maintenance of online courses Darya Maslova reported RIA Tomsk.

MOOC – is a form of distance learning, which is based on the idea of making education accessible to all. MOOCs is developed by leading teachers of universities of the world, teachers, teachers of additional education, business coaches. Anyone with access to the Internet can become a listener. TSU offers courses on the platforms "Open Education" (openedu.ru), Coursera (coursera.org) and Stepik (stepik.org).

"The total number of registered listeners of MOOC TSU on all platforms – is more than 450 thousand people. They are residents of 183 countries. One of the most popular courses of TSU was the course "Russian as Instrument of Successful Communication”. More than 15 thousand students, and there are a lot of foreigners among them, who want to speak Russian, registered in it", – Maslova said.

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She specified that the first open online courses TSU launched in 2014. Now among the most popular MOOCs are – "Russian language and culture of speech" and "Psychodiagnostics". Each of these courses over the three years since launch has crossed the milestone of 25 thousand students (on different online platforms).

"Presentation Skills", an English-speaking specialization (a complex of several MOOCs) on the Coursera platform, created by TSU in cooperation with the Foundation for the Development of Online Education, is also very popular. About 10 thousand people registered for each specialization course.

According to Maslova, TSU launched a new online course "Etiquette for all occasions" in 2019. In the very first month, on the “Open Education” platform, the MOOC registered a record number of listeners for this period – more than 10,000. Now the listeners of the first run of the etiquette course go for final testing and certification.

"The main advantage of MOOCs – is that the listener can study all the useful content for free, paying only the final certification for the course if desired", – the agency interlocutor summarized.

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