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Virtual Future: TSU and Rubius launch first VR master's degree program

© РИА Томск. Павел СтефанскийVirtual Future: TSU and Rubius launch first VR master's degree program

TOMSK, Jul 11 - RIA Tomsk, Elena Taylasheva. The Russia's first master's program in virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) open in September at Tomsk State University (TSU), it was developed with the Rubius company. What really stands behind fashionable words and why should IT specialist go to the magistracy if he even with bachelor’s degree earns a good money, - in the material of RIA Tomsk.

Real world technology

Virtual reality will penetrate deeper into the material world. How far - one can fantasize infinitely, but now VR applications are used in quite practical things - designing of industrial facilities, training civilians and military specialists.

Tomsk IT companies in this topic are "foremost" - their special software is bought all over the world. And Rubius - is one of them. It is clear that in such a specific and young topic as VR, the company is experiencing an acute personnel shortage. And If the mountain will not come to Muhammad...

“Last summer TSU and Rubius began to create the country's first multi-disciplinary VR/AR laboratory for students and teachers. And in September (2019), a master's degree program will be opened where they will prepare specialized specialists. And this is a unique experience not only in scales of Russia”, - says the director of the TSU Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (IAMCS) Alexander Zamyatin.

And explains:

“In the winter, I was at a meeting in Brussels, where European universities discussed education in the sphere of VR/AR. Such giants as MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) or Technical University of Munich, have just started profile training, and most of the leading European universities are only discussing launching of such programs. So TSU - is one of the leaders in this direction".

предоставлено Rubius

Special disciplines

Special disciplines of the new master degree program sound so far uncommonly (and some even exotic) - “Machine learning in AR/VR”, “Effective data processing in the software-hardware environment”, “Audio accompaniment in AR/VR”, “Man-machine interaction”, ” Socio-psychological and ethical aspects of working in AR/VR environments".

Specialists with such competencies are very much needed to the IT market, and the need for them will only grow. Therefore, it was the market, represented by Rubius, that formed for the program the technical assignment for graduates.

“We actively participated in the creation of a master’s program in virtual and augmented reality at TSU. Our staff will also teach individual blocks as part of the program and participate in the evaluation of course and diploma projects”, - says the company's technical director Anton Kudinov.

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Programmers even with a bachelor’s degree can earn well, but Kudinov believes that two years in the master’s program will give exactly the education necessary to get a job in a modern IT company: "The master's program provides more specialized knowledge, allows to be focused on working out specific skills. After a bachelor degree, a graduate is - quite junior, in the master's program there is an opportunity to grow up and get closer to the middle level, to work with advanced equipment".

The manager of the TSU IAMCS master programs Olga Marukhina adds: this master programs first of all is practice-oriented.

"For the practice has been assigned the maximum number of credits, which the local regulatory act of the university allows. The student now is demanding. He will not "buy" a bubble program consisting of some beautiful and fashionable words. He needs to understand what he will be able to do after graduation. Anyone  can get theoretical knowledge from open courses on the Internet, that's why practice is needed, and this is associated with science”, - she says.

Investments to the university

From September of this year another promising master program start at the TSU Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (IAMCS) - “Artificial Intelligence and Applications”, here will be trained specialists in the field of developing and implementing artificial intelligence systems (AI). Director of the Institute, Alexander Zamyatin, emphasizes that it, like all advanced programs, has a strategic partner:

"Atomic Soft - a software developer for automating technological processes and control systems help us to implement programs related to AI and industrial analytics. Anothe our promising specialization "Technical Vision and Video Analytics" - supports the Research and Production Company "Tekhnika dela" ("Technique of Business") which has created one of the best facial recognition technology. To financial information technologies helps to teach the "Center for Financial Technologies".

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96% of graduates of the "Intellectual Analysis of Big Data" program are getting a job according specialty. Topics of diplomas are purely practical: medical data processing, building an intelligent system for detecting asphalt thickness, analyzing industrial data for predicting equipment breakdown.
Moreover, according to Zamyatin, industrial partners are ready not only to participate in the educational process, but also to support the program financially:

"This is not only, for example, about scholarships to the best students. Often, the financial relationship between business and education is structured so that the company essentially hires students and teachers who solve the company's problems. In our case, the partners are ready to invest in the university. And we allocate this resource for infrastructure maintenance, incentive surcharges, and so on".

This year 50 people will be enrolled in the IT master's program of TSU. Reception of documents ends on August 12.

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