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Language without intermediaries: students of 9 countries are in TPU

© с сайта Томского политехаLanguage without intermediaries: students of 9 countries are in TPU

TOMSK, Aug 6 – RIA Tomsk. Foreign students group came to Tomsk Polytechnic University to learn Russian and culture in summer school "Siberian Vacation", is reported on website of the university. Guests from Finland, Italy, Germany, France, South Korea, Belgium and Saudi Arabia have express course – they learn language and immerse in mentality of Russia within three weeks.

The summer school works in TPU annually, it is provided for foreign citizens aged from 18 years which are interested in the Russian language and culture, plan to deepen the knowledge or to start studying from scratch.

Saudi Arabia

Nine students from the different countries arrived to the university - it is already the second arrival at the school during the summer. Two listeners from the first arrival learned language in group for beginners and decided to remain in the second wave to set result and to continue training in group with level higher.

© с сайта Томского политеха
Foreign students came to learn the Russian language in TPU
So, Elias J arrived from Saudi Arabia. He graduated an architectural university there, worked in the specialty, but then decided to change cardinally the activity – now he is interested in the Nuclear Technologies direction.

"I want to learn Russian, complete a program in nuclear engineering and return to work in my home country. Highly qualified specialists in the field of nuclear technologies are needed in Saudi Arabia. I chose between the USA and Russia, and according to reviews understood that TPU is the the best option", – the press service of the university quotes his words.

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South Korea and France

Nam Jungmin is from South Korea, he remained to learn Russian with group of the second arrival in TPU too. By education he is a bachelor of economy, now his plans are to learn Russian at the summer school, then at the Preparatory Department of TPU, and later to enter the MA course.

Becques Raphael Joseph Christophe arrived in TPU from France. He studies the international relations in Paris. The educational program of his direction includes discipline "Russian language", – and Raphael speaks it, indeed, pretty well. But, according to him, it is possible to learn Russian at the highest level only in Russia.

"In the future I would like to work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in France, to govern the relations with Russia. I have some inexplicable love to your country, I like to read the Russian classics in original language – Pushkin, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy's books. Unfortunately, I do not know the works of the Russian contemporaries yet, but, I think, I will correct it in Tomsk", – Raphael says.

Explaination in simple terms

Listeners of the course are taught the Russian langiage as foreign by means of an effective technique – without application of intermediate language. Thus, students completely immersed in the language environment and begin to understand Russian and to speak in it quicker.

© с сайта Томского политеха
Foreign students came to learn the Russian language in TPU
"We use descriptions, synonyms, antonyms, illustrations, gestures for training. Occasionally after all it is necessary to use English for explanation of these or those concepts: it is difficult to students to understand objects which in their language do not exist, for example, what is ryazhenka, kefir, kefir, kholodets, cedar nuts", – the senior teacher of the Russian Language Department of TPU Olga Drozdova tells.

As the press service adds, also these days in TPU training at summer school for the Chinese students according to the 2 2 program from the Shenyang Ligong University (SLU) and Chongqing University of Arts and Sciences (CUAS) is provided.

Students of SLU learn Russian language, physics and engineering graphics, students of CUAS – only Russian. Upon termination of the summer school students will take the test on Russian as foreign and will be enlisted on a third year in the Tomsk Polytechnic University.

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