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Maxim Kostarev from "EleSy" became the new president of the Tomsk CCI

© фото с сайта компании "Элеси"Maxim Kostarev from EleSy became the new president of the Tomsk CCI

TOMSK, Dec 17 – RIA Tomsk. Participants of the general meeting of the Tomsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) elected a new president on Tuesday; Maxim Kostarev of the "EleSy" Tomsk company descent became one, a member of the CCI council Kirill Novozhilov told RIA Tomsk.

Earlier it was reported that the first president of the Tomsk CCI Arkady Eskin, who held this post since 1998, suddenly died in August 2018. In September, the CCI general meeting approved the candidacy of the interim president. It became the deputy president of the CCI for information policy and public relations Marina Uskova.

"Maxim Kostarev, the deputy general director of the "EleSy" Tomsk company was elected the president of the Tomsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry. I want to say that this is a good candidate - it is a fusion of youth and experience in economics, and in high-tech production. I think he can give the chamber a new development vector", - Novozhilov said, adding that the participants of the general meeting unanimously supported Kostarev's candidacy.

As follows from the materials of the Tomsk CCI, the meeting was attended by 245 members out of 484. The regional administration at the meeting was represented by the deputy governor for economy Andrey Antonov. Kostarev’s candidacy was nominated by the CCI council and supported by the regional administration.

"My program is not focused on radical changes, but on improving what has already been achieved today ... It is necessary to intensify work with enterprises of the processing sector, involve representatives of the IT industry in the work of CCI, establish work with regional business support centers and form industry communities in the region" - Kostarev said, presenting his program.

Among the top priorities of the work, he also highlighted the need to integrate science and business, attract an external order for engineering services, develop integrated solutions for various markets, as well as provide conditions for cross-industry migrations of products and solutions created in Tomsk.

According to open sources, Kostarev was born in Tomsk in 1979. He graduated the Faculty of Automation and Computer Engineering of Tomsk Polytechnic University. Since 2001, he has been working in the "EleSy" company, in August 2016 he took over the post of the director of innovative development in the company.

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