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Authorities: Tomsk food industry workers export 40% outside the region

© РИА Томск. Таисия ВоронцоваAuthorities: Tomsk food industry workers export 40% outside the region

TOMSK, Mar 26 – RIA Tomsk. Tomsk food producers sell about 40% of their products outside the region, in other regions of the Russian Federation and abroad, the regional department of the consumer market said in response to an official request from RIA Tomsk.

It was previously reported that the export of food products from the territory of the Tomsk region increased 20 times in 2019. A significant increase in food exports was associated with obtaining export permits from the PRC (poultry meat and offal) and Mongolia, which were given to Tomsk food workers - Mezheninovskaya Poultry Farm, Siberian Agrarian Group and Eskimos company.

"Tomsk food products are sold not only in our region, but also outside the Tomsk region, including through cooperation with federal and regional retail chains. In general, about 40% of food products produced in the territory of the (Tomsk) region are exported", – is said in the response of the regional department.

It is specified that the export of products of the Tomsk agro-industrial complex is carried out in more than 30 countries. Pine nut has the greatest export potential; almost all of it is realized in processed form (in the peeled kernel) or in deeper processing (cedar milk, cedar oil, cedar cake). The main consumers are – China, Pakistan, Germany, Poland, Kazakhstan and the Czech Republic.

The second place in export is occupied by mushrooms: ceps and chanterelles, they are successfully sold in China and European countries. Kazakhstan, Belarus, the Baltic countries are consumers of Tomsk juices, jams, preserves, nectars, and Korea, India and Turkey – are consumers of chaga, berry kissels and dietary supplements.

According to the department, over 400 enterprises form the sphere of food industry in the Tomsk region. The volume of shipped food products in 2019 amounted to 30.8 billion rubles, and the production index - 112.1% compared to January-December 2018.

"Most of the food enterprises of our region have a sufficient degree of stability and competitiveness, are technically and technologically equipped at the level of the best domestic and world analogues, have large reserves for increasing production volumes and expanding the assortment", – notes the document.

Earlier it was also reported that, according to Tomskstat, food production has become one of the drivers of regional economic growth in 2019. More than a year earlier, butter (by 24.5%), cottage cheese (by 19.0%), flour (by 4.4%), and confectionery (by 3.6%) were produced. At the same time, the production of bread and bakery products of non-durable storage, sausages, cheeses, poultry decreased.

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