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Schoolchildren to pump themselves up at TSU forum "Talents of Siberia"

© предоставлено пресс-службой ТГУSchoolchildren to pump themselves up at TSU forum Talents of Siberia

TOMSK, May 14 – RIA Tomsk. The forum for schoolchildren "Talents of Siberia" is taking place these days at Tomsk State University (TSU). Online meetings with coaches, professors and experts in various fields, case studies and competitions – it is attended by successful high school students from all regions of Siberia, as well as from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

The forum is held from May 4 to June 25. About its program and bonuses that students will receive – in the review of RIA Tomsk.

Online for motivation

The "Talents of Siberia" forum was first held five years ago. In previous years, the number of participants was limited: 150-180 schoolchildren were invited to Tomsk. The online format, which has become mandatory for all major events this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, has canceled all limits: more than 230 students have registered to participate in the forum, with hundreds of people watching open meetings online.

Participants – are pupils of 10-11 grades from almost every region of Siberia, schoolchildren from Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. These are children with consistently high academic results, laureates of olympiads, with success in sports and active social life. In a word, they are talents.

© предоставлено пресс-службой ТГУ
"Talents of Siberia" forum in past years
The forum organizers set themselves the task of supporting gifted students, helping them determine their future profession and interests, and increasing their motivation to engage in science, engineering and technical creativity.

From excursions to cases

The forum takes place on the virtual platform of TSU. Its program is formed in such a way that students feel that they are in one of the oldest universities in Russia. 3D tour around the university, meetings with representatives of departments and institutes, acquaintance with the most powerful scientific and educational potential of TSU – all this is available online.

"The forum for schoolchildren is held following the example of similar events for adults. There is a division into blocks. The first is – introductory one and is dedicated to the university and the city. The second one – is educational: master classes, lectures from various speakers", – says the head of the department of vocational guidance and work with the regions of management of the new admission of TSU Anna Korshunova.

The third block was prepared by both university experts and representatives of TSU partners. Students who prepared the most interesting cases and won the competitions will receive points, which will be an additional advantage when entering Tomsk State University, the opportunity to apply for an increased rector's scholarship and material gifts.

"I chose the case "What the city can tell about". Here it is necessary to collect information about old and new sections of the city, offer plan for its development – how to make urban spaces better. I’m interested in it because I want to train to be an architect", – says the participant of the forum from the city of Karasuk, Novosibirsk region, Nastya Snigur.

© предоставлено пресс-службой ТГУ
"Talents of Siberia" forum in past years

Inspiration from professionals

Among the speakers and coaches of the forum there are representatives of science, business, authors of online courses, experts in the field of robotics, professors and young specialists. The topics of their lectures – are from futurism to the realization of personal potential.

For example, Nadezhda Zilberman (TSU), the author of the mass open online course "My friend is a robot" on the Coursera platform, will give a lecture on the concept of the fourth industrial revolution. With Galina Alishina (TSU), running design thinking development courses, participants will practice their creativity. Anna Prosekina (Moscow), a participant of the "Golos" ("Voice") show and vocalist of a cover band included in the top 15 in Russia, spoke about starting her own business.

"TSU brings together a variety of experts and schoolchildren on one platform. I am sincerely convinced that only a person can give an impetus for the development of another person. And I wish students here to meet people who will inspire them with new meanings, new achievements", – the rector of the university Eduard Galazhinsky welcomed the forum participants.

Students will be able to join the "Talents of Siberia" forum during May and June – the event will last until June 25. You can find out what topics and experts are waiting for the forum participants from the program, as well as from the group on the VKontakte social network.

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