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AR technologies cyber theater will be opened in 2021 in Tomsk museum

© РИА Томск. Таисия ВоронцоваAR technologies cyber theater will be opened in 2021 in Tomsk museum

TOMSK, Jun 25 – RIA Tomsk. In a year Tomsk citizens will be able to see performances using augmented reality technologies in the museum cyber theater "7x7"; Tomsk Museum of Local Lore won 1.5 million rubles for the implementation of this project in the competition of the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation, the author of the project, museum specialist Alena Shafer told RIA Tomsk.

As the agency’s interlocutor explained, the "7x7" museum cyber theater - is a synthesis of the museum and theater in small form with application of new AR technologies (augmented reality). This project is being carried out by specialists of the Tomsk Museum of Local Lore, the director of the young spectators' theatre Dmitry Gozmyakov, Moscow theater experts and the Tomsk IT company Rubius. The project manager is – the director of the Museum of Local Lore Svyatoslav Perekhozhev.

"Viewers will watch the entire performance through the AR application and at the same time enjoy the actor’s playing on stage. The script will unfold in such a way that the actor constantly or periodically communicates and interacts with virtual reality objects. The actor’s actions and reaction to virtual objects will prompt the viewer to turn to the AR application to see the full picture", – Schafer said.

She added that the project will include seven small seven-minute plays, the plots of which are dedicated to one exhibit – a family heirloom. Viewers will be able to decide for themselves exactly how many plays they want to see: one or all.

“We know that the viewer does not always have the desire or the opportunity to get a theatrical experience, but we want to give him the opportunity to overcome some fear of “elitist” art and start his mechanism of desire for theater knowledge”, – she told.

Premiere in Tomsk

The author of the project said that the performance will take place in a unique space – a small prefabricated pavilion specially created for this project, measuring approximately 3 by 7 meters. There will be seven "main characters": six spectators and one actor. The premiere is scheduled for May 2021. Sessions will be held several times a month, in the summer – in the museum garden, and in the winter – in large rooms.

"Such a form exists in only two projects in the world. This is the Moscow Shadow Play Theatre and another theater in New York ... The theater in the Tomsk museum has existed for a long time. With our performance "Rebellion" in 2016 we became the ancestors (of the form). Since then we have done many projects. But such a combination of a museum, theater and also new technologies – is the first time in museum practice", – she said.

The interlocutor added that the "Museum Cyber ​​Theater "7x7" project became one of the 16 winners of the "New Theater" open competition of the Charitable Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation for Cultural Initiatives and received 1.5 million rubles for the implementation of the project.

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