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TSU invites students to join the scientific community at CERN

© предоставлено специалистами лабораторий ТГУ, сотрудничающих с CERNTSU invites students to join the scientific community at CERN

TOMSK, Jun 30 – RIA Tomsk. Tomsk State University (TSU) will hold a summer school dedicated to CERN for students from Siberia and the CIS in July; the most active participants will be invited to work in the scientific laboratories of the university, participating in international studies in the field of particle physics. Details - are in the review of RIA Tomsk.

CERN - is the European Organization for Nuclear Research, the world's largest high-energy physics laboratory. Located in Geneva (Switzerland). The CERN houses the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) – an accelerator of charged particles in colliding beams. LHC is the largest experimental facility in the world.

Organizers and participants

From July 13 to July 17, TSU will hold a summer school in high energy physics. The organizers of the event – are employees of the High Energy Physics Data Analysis Laboratory and the Laboratory of Experimental Physics. They are the participants in two CERN experiments at once – ATLAS and CMS.

Предоставлено сотрудниками лабораторий ТГУ сотрудничающих с CERN
TSU Specialists at CERN

ATLAS – is one of the Large Hadron Collider particle detectors. It generates an unprecedented large flow of data – tens of petabytes per year. These data should be stored for subsequent analysis by physicists. Earlier it was reported that TSU scientists, thanks to their developments in the field of detector electronics, entered the ATLAS experiment group, which is engaged in CERN search for superheavy elementary particles, such as the Higgs boson.

CMS – is another LHC detector designed to search for the Higgs boson and “non-standard physics”, in particular dark matter.

"The goal of our school –is to talk about CERN and its experiments. In addition, through the school we want to select new talented employees in our laboratories, give basic knowledge in high energy physics, data analysis and machine learning", – the curator of the summer school Elena Raygorodskaya said RIA Tomsk.

© предоставлено специалистами лабораторий ТГУ, сотрудничающих с CERN
TSU Specialists at CERN
According to her, students of Tomsk and neighboring regions, as well as the CIS – bachelors, masters and graduate students studying in natural science and technical fields will be able to become participants in the school.

“There are no specific criteria for the faculty, because the employees of our laboratories (and the best school members will become part of the team) are engaged in various activities at CERN – from machine learning and programming to modeling the passage of particles through the detector”, – the agency’s interlocutor explains.

© предоставлено пресс-службой ТГУ
The TSU rector Eduard Galazhinsky during his visit to CERN

According to the TSU website, the school will be held in the format of online intensive. The speakers will be scientists from state universities from Tomsk, Geneva and New York. They will give lectures on elementary particle physics, data analysis and machine learning, and will carry out practical projects with students on the TSU supercomputer.

School participants will learn what CERN does and researches, how detectors work, and what information they can collect, what tasks machine learning solves, and so on.

Participation in the school is free, registration is required.

© предоставлено специалистами лабораторий ТГУ, сотрудничающих с CERN
TSU Specialists at CERN

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