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3:40 PM  September 5, 2020

TSU invites to an online and outdoor graphics exhibition

© с сайта Томского госуниверситетаTSU invites to an online and outdoor graphics exhibition

TOMSK, Sep 5 – RIA Tomsk. Graduates of the Institute of Arts and Culture of Tomsk State University (IAC TSU) took part in a street exhibition which opened in two formats at once – online and offline in the open air in the University Grove. Details are in the RIA Tomsk review.

As the curator of the exhibition Anastasia Kuklina told RIA Tomsk, the online version of the "Myths and Pixels" exhibition is available on the site of the "Gallery" V Glavnom". "Gallery "V Glavnom" was opened in 2018 by the TSU Institute of Arts and Cultureof as a new art space for exhibitions, creative projects, creative meetings, educational events.

Five graphic artists

The offline part of the exhibition was opened on the fence of the TSU from the side of the old building of the Research Library of Tomsk State University. It unites young Tomsk artists who studied at the Department of Fine Arts with a degree in Graphics.

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"In their works, they personalize heroes through the prism of personal and folklore experience, using various approaches and techniques – autolithograph, linocut, graphic books, comics, monumental graphics", – says the university.

Among the participants – is Daria Karaeva with a series of illustrations "Carnival of Life", which tells the story of a girl reading a book of fairy tales in a meadow. In her graphic series "From the World Where Seven Suns Shine", the artist Alexandra Brovkina explores the mythological symbolism of the cultural archaic and introduces the audience to the images created on the basis of the mythology of the indigenous peoples of Siberia – the Selkups.

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"Elizaveta Shcherbina, relying on the myths, legends and superstitions of the countries of Central, Eastern and Northern Europe, shows a graphic book "Tales of the Nameless Brothers" in the fantasy genre, with a mystical atmosphere and citing the heroes of Scandinavian folk-metal", – says the TSU website.

In the works of the artist Denis Ermakov – there is the heyday of arcade computer games, the direction of "pixel art". Yana Anfilofieva adapts literary images for modern educational didactics in the form of monumental graphics.

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As Kuklina specified, Tomsk residents will be able to familiarize themselves with the exposition until mid-October.

Lecture course for everyone

Kuklina also said that on September 15, an online lecture "Modern Printed Graphics" by Anna Chernysheva, curator of the graphics fund of the countries of America and Eastern Europe, researcher of the Graphics Department of the State Museum of Fine Arts named after Alexander Pushkin (Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts), will be held for everyone at the exhibition.

"The Institute of Arts and Culture of Tomsk State University plans to develop a strategic partnership with the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts – to do a joint educational program, research projects, joint exhibitions, to support young artists and designers", – she said.

According to the agency's interlocutor, the "Myths and Pixels" exhibition – is the first project implemented in partnership with the Siberian branch of the State Center for Contemporary Art as part of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.

© с сайта Томского госуниверситета

© с сайта Томского госуниверситета
Exhibition "Myths and Pixels"

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