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Rosatom intends to use TPU's welding tomography technology

© сайт Томского политехнического университетаRosatom intends to use TPU's welding tomography technology

TOMSK, Feb 10 – RIA Tomsk. The technology of ultrasonic tomography for diagnostics of welded seams, developed by scientists of the TPU School of Non-Destructive Testing & Security (TPU SNTS), was included in the register of innovative solutions of Rosatom, which the state corporation uses at its facilities, the press service of the university said on Wednesday.

According to the press service, the register of innovative solutions of the Rosatom State Corporation is a pool of developments with successful examples of implementation at nuclear power facilities or in industry. Before application, each development undergoes a multi-stage thorough examination. Technologies at the stage of high availability, ready for replication, are included in the register.

"Rosatom's experts have included in the register of innovative solutions for the state corporation the development of TPU non-destructive testing specialists. Ultrasonic tomography technology for diagnosing welded joints allows to effectively detect the smallest defects in the seams on complex parts used in the nuclear industry", – is said in the report.

The method assumes that the ultrasonic waves emitted by the transducer pass through a material or object and interact with its internal structure. By the changes in ultrasonic waves reflected from the structure, specialists can judge the presence of hidden defects in the material and their characteristics. TPU engineers robotized the process and applied know-how, making control more sensitive and faster.

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"We combined our many years of experience and demonstrated the technology that has already been used in the creation of a number of installations. For example, the largest robotic ultrasonic tomograph in Russia for the details of the first wall of the ITER thermonuclear reactor... Implementation examples have confirmed that the technology gives an increase in control speed and sensitivity", – Director of the TPU Engineering School of Non-Destructive Testing Dmitry Sednev is quoted.

He noted that this is the first development of TPU SNTS included in the register of innovative solutions of Rosatom.

Earlier it was reported that in November 2020 TPU entered the project to create a robotic ultrasonic system for checking the quality of parts of the world's first thermonuclear reactor, which is being built in the south of France within the framework of the ITER international project. The device being developed will allow the quality of welds on the parts of the object to be monitored.

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