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TSU opened a laboratory for growing stem cells

© сайт Томского государственного университетаTSU opened a laboratory for growing stem cells

TOMSK, Mar 23 – RIA Tomsk. Tomsk State University (TSU) has opened a new laboratory where human and animal tissue and blood cells, as well as stem cells will be grown; this will allow scientists to find the causes of such severe chronic diseases as diabetes mellitus, and create breakthrough technologies for their treatment, the press service of the university said.

It is specified that the new laboratory of cell technologies at TSU was created with the support of the Russian Science Foundation (RSF). It is supplied with the most modern equipment for the cultivation of human and animal tissue and blood cells, as well as stem cells. The use of cell cultures allows one to study cells at a deeper level and obtain data that cannot be obtained when studying cells in whole organisms.

"Carrying out research on cell cultures opens up the opportunity for scientists to obtain new fundamental data on the causes of severe chronic diseases, such as diabetes mellitus or age-related cognitive impairment. The results of breakthrough research will be used to create new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches," says the message.

In a cell incubator of the laboratory, scientists grow myoblasts (precursors of human muscle cells). They will be used in a project to identify the causes of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2D). This disease is poorly treated with medications, but can be corrected by physical activity. In the course of earlier studies in mice, scientists have received two hypotheses and will now test them in cell cultures.

“We will provoke changes in the cells similar to those that develop in patients with type 2 diabetes, then use an electrical stimulator to subject myoblasts to contractions that mimic exercise. This will allow us to trace the changes that occur in the cells, as well as to understand how and on what "weak links" we need to influence in order to restore the cell's ability to utilize glucose," the head of the department of the TSU Faculty of Physical Education Leonid Kapilevich is quoted.

In the future, TSU employees plan to study vascular endothelial cells and lung epithelium, their ability to regulate blood pressure and blood coagulation. It is possible that this will provide new information on the causes of the severe course of the coronavirus. In addition, the study of cells will allow studying the effect of physical activity on a person's mental abilities.

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