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TSU offered its developments to creators of ultra-light space rockets

© с сайта ГК "Роскосмос"TSU offered its developments to creators of ultra-light space rockets

TOMSK, Mar 25 – RIA Tomsk.Tomsk State University (TSU) scientists present their developments at a workshop under the auspices of the Aeronet National Technological Initiative (NTI) on the creation of ultra-light rockets; TSU specialists' competencies mainly concern the creation of individual elements of solid-propellant rocket engines, follows from the meeting's broadcast.

The meeting on fuels for ultra-light launch vehicles and unique materials science solutions for space engineering under the auspices of Aeronet NTI is being held at Tomsk State University on Thursday and Friday. The organizers were TSU, Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (ISPMS SB RAS) and St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University (SMTU).

As the TSU Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation Alexander Vorozhtsov noted during his speech at the meeting, the competence of TSU scientists on this issue is mainly focused on the development of shaping elements for solid-fuel engines that are installed on ultralight rockets.

"We at TSU are now going through an important stage of transformation, which is associated with building a single ecosystem with industrial partners for the transfer of technologies to the economy and entering new markets. I hope that today's meeting will make it possible to seriously advance in understanding joint projects, new approaches to cooperation in science and applied problems of companies," – TSU Rector Eduard Galazhinskiy said.

Private individuals in space

As follows from the materials of the meeting, Aeronet is currently facing an urgent task – to develop private astronautics in terms of launching a large number of small satellites into Earth's orbit. The creation of microsatellite constellations is in demand both by scientists and businesses, in particular by telecommunications companies.

"An ultra-light rocket launch vehicle weighing up to 250 kilograms with the possibility of launching up to 500 kilometers of a constellation of 3-4 satellites in one launch... We, together with Roscosmos, organized an expert commission to select companies to implement this idea. The companies will create cooperation with the developers of subsystems, individual elements", – Aeronet co-director Sergey Zhukov said.

Following the results of a two-day meeting under the auspices of the NTI, TSU scientists expect to formulate their proposals and recommendations on scientific research and R&D, which will be sent to Aeronet, the press service of the university explained to RIA Tomsk.

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