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1:04 PM  June 11, 2021

TPU to open educational program for Rosatom's Proryv project

© РИА Томск. Павел СтефанскийTPU to open educational program for Rosatom's Proryv project

TOMSK, Jun 11 – RIA Tomsk. Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) is ready to upgrade its educational programs in nuclear physics to train specialists for Rosatom's Proryv ("Breakthrough") project; the state corporation does not rule out the creation of a university alliance to train specialists to work on fast-neutron reactors, the TPU press service reported on Friday.

Earlier it was reported that Rosatom has been implementing a Proryv ("Breakthrough") project to create a closed fuel cycle technology at the Siberian Chemical Plant (SCP) in Seversk since 2011. The pilot demonstration complex will appear there which will include three industrial facilities having no analogues in the world: the module for fabrication/re-fabrication of uranium-plutonium nuclear fuel, the BREST-300 power unit and the module for reprocessing of irradiated fuel.

"Tomsk Polytechnic University is a flagship university of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation. Moreover, our graduates are already working on the Proryv ("Breakthrough") project. TPU together with MEPhI and NSTU, responding to Rosatom's challenge, are ready to start working on developing an educational program to train specialists for Proryv," the press service quotes the Director of the TPU School of Nuclear Science & Engineering Oleg Dolmatov.

© РИА Томск. Павел Стефанский
During the official launch of construction work on the BREST-300 reactor unit, Vyacheslav Pershukov, Rosatom's special representative for international and scientific and technical projects, did not rule out the possibility of forming a university alliance aimed at training specialists for the Proryv project. The focus will be on interaction with foreign partners and development of English-language educational programs, the report said.

"We successfully train personnel for Rosatom's projects in a number of foreign countries, for example, Egypt, Ghana, Bolivia, and Tanzania. Moreover, it is only at TPU that foreign students can be trained at an operating nuclear research reactor. If necessary, we are ready to make additions or develop a specialized module in the educational programs for the Proryv project," Dolmatov said.

Earlier it was also reported that on June 8, 2021, a ceremony of pouring the first concrete into the foundation of a unique power unit with a lead-cooled reactor BREST-OD-300 was held at the Siberian Chemical Plant (SCP). According to the IAEA classification, "first concrete" is the official start of the construction, earlier there was only preparation.

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