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Tomsk firm awarded Organic certification for EU promotion

© Валерий ДоронинTomsk firm awarded Organic certification for EU promotion

TOMSK, Dec 4 – RIA Tomsk. Tomsk Sibirsky Kedr Eco-Fabrika has been certified under the EU standards and will be able to label its products with a green leaf icon, which indicates the organic origin of raw materials, the head of the Regional Department of Consumer Market Natalia Zabavnova told. This refers to products consisting of pure pine nuts, the company explained.

"Sibirsky Kedr Eco-Fabrika ("Siberian Cedar Eco-Factory") has received the European bio-certification "Organic". This is usually very difficult to achieve. The document confirms the organic origin of raw materials and products, and from now on the products of Sibirsky Kedr Eco-Fabrika ("Siberian Cedar Eco-Factory") will be marked on packages with a special European Union "Organic Bio" organic logo in the form of a green leaf", – Zabavnova said.

In her opinion, the Tomsk company's products for export have thus gained an additional competitive advantage. However, it is also beneficial for the whole region: "On the international market, this creates an image of food products from the Tomsk region as environmentally friendly, high quality and safe".

As a representative of the Sibirsky Kedr Eco-Fabrika ("Siberian Cedar Eco-Factory") told RIA Tomsk, the certificate confirms that no pesticides, mineral fertilizers, antibiotics, growth stimulants were used in the production of products, as well as the absence of preservatives, flavour enhancers and genetically modified components in the composition. For Russian consumers, the goods are supplied with the same quality.

"It took 2.5 months to go through the certification process – the application was submitted back in August. The products to be labelled will consist of pure pine nuts: whole pine nuts, pine nut kernel, pine oil, pine flakes, pine flour, and pine cones. (On the domestic market) products will not go up in price, we have only confirmed our quality", – said the company's representative.

According to the SPARK-Interfax information and analytical system, OOO Sibirsky Kedr Eco-Fabrika ("Siberian Cedar Eco-Factory") was registered in the village of Petrovo near Tomsk in 2006. It is engaged in the production of confectionery products, as well as sports nutrition. At the end of 2020, the company generated almost 264 million roubles in revenue and 12 million in net profit. The company's net assets are estimated at 89 million rubles.

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