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Storm in the Atlantic damaged the mast of a Tomsk traveler's trimaran

© пресс-служба томского отделения РГОStorm in the Atlantic damaged the mast of a Tomsk traveler's trimaran

TOMSK, Dec 23 – RIA Tomsk. Tomsk traveler Evgeny Kovalevsky and his colleague from Novosibirsk Stanislav Berezkin, who are circumnavigating the world on a trimaran, got caught in a storm in the Atlantic Ocean on December 21; the storm destroyed the front mast support, the press service of the Tomsk branch of the Russian Geographical Society (RGS) told RIA Tomsk on Thursday.

Earlier it was reported that the Tomsk branch of the Russian Geographical Society in 2021 organized a round-the-world expedition on a trimaran, Kovalevsky and Berezkin started from St. Petersburg in July 2021. Through satellite communications, they conduct "Lessons from the Ocean" for schoolchildren. From the shores of Cape Verde, where they were delayed for a month and a half due to a breakdown, travelers set sail for Brazil on 11 December, intending to cross the Atlantic in 25 days.

"The Siberians' trimaran was damaged during a storm in the Atlantic. The vessel on which the round-the-world expedition of Siberians Evgeny Kovalevsky and Stanislav Berezkin is being made is in dangerous condition. On December 21, 10 days after the start of crossing the Atlantic on a trimaran, the Coastal Centre of the expedition received the news of a severe storm and its consequences for the ship," it was reported.

According to the press service, the front leg of the pyramid, to which the mast and front jib (sail) are attached, collapsed. The Brazilian Maritime Rescue Service offered to evacuate the travelers, but they refused.

"We were offered to abandon the vessel and evacuate. We assessed the amount of provisions, the general condition of the vessel and decided to continue on our own under the emergency sail," the press service quotes Kovalevsky.

It is specified, that travelers have put a wooden support under a mast and have constructed an emergency sail. The trimaran is now moving in the direction of Brazil.

It was previously reported that during the trip Kovalevsky and Berezkin will follow the route: Russia - Finland - Poland - Sweden - Denmark - Holland - Great Britain - France - Spain - Portugal - Canary Islands - Brazil - Uruguay - Argentina - Chile - Polynesia - Micronesia - Philippines - Indonesia - South Africa - Namibia - Portugal - Great Britain - Denmark - Russia.

The project of the expedition "Along the Way of Russian Circumnavigation Mariners" won the contest of presidential grants in the nomination "Development of Public Diplomacy and Support of Compatriots", receiving support of 7.9 million rubles. The total cost of its implementation was 16.2 million rubles.

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