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11:06 PM  February 15, 2018

Rosatom invest 4 bln rub in the project "Proryv" in Seversk in 2018

© РИА Томск. Павел СтефанскийRosatom invest 4 bln rub in the project Proryv in Seversk in 2018

TOMSK, Feb 15 – RIA Tomsk. The State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom in 2018 will allocate almost 4 billion rubles for the project "Proryv" ("Breakthrough"), which is being implemented at the JSC Siberiangroup of Chemical Enterprises (SGChE, included into fuel company of Rosatom TVEL) in Seversk, the press service of the regional administration said on Thursday.

Earlier it was reported that since 2011 the "Proryv" ("Breakthrough") project is being implemented at SGChE (part of the fuel company of Rosatom TVEL). As part of the Seversk experimental and demonstration energy complex (EDEC) the "BREST-OD-300" reactor with a nuclear reactor fuel cycle and the production of uranium-plutonium (nitride) fuel (fabrication / refinishing module) for fast neutron reactors are being built.

 As the press service clarifies, on Thursday, February 15, at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi, the governor of the Tomsk region Sergei Zhvachkin, the deputy director general of Rosatom state corporation Yury Olenin and the TVEL president Natalya Nikipelova discussed the progress of the  "Proryv" ("Breakthrough") project (the closed satellite town of Tomsk).

"The state corporation and the federal budget invested more than 2.7 billion rubles in the construction of the fabrication and rebuilding unit last year, 661 million of which were construction and installation works. This year it is planned to invest almost 4 billion", – is said in the report.

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It is added that the construction of the "BREST-300" reactor plant last year was financed in the amount of 420 million rubles, "this year the state corporation planned for this purpose half a billion".

"The insignificant reduction in investments is not due to the postponement of the project, and especially not to the "freeze" of the construction. Nuclear scientists optimizes expenses so that electricity generation at the future power unit was cost-effective. Though the "Proryv" ("Breakthrough") project is scientific and technological, its goal – is economic efficiency in scale of the whole industry", – Zhvachkin is quoted in the message.

 JSC Siberiangroup of Chemical Enterprises – is one of the largest enterprises of the nuclear industry of the Russian Federation. It unites four plants on treatment of nuclear materials and heating plant. It provides the needs of nuclear power plants in uranium for nuclear fuel, produces thermal and electric energy, and also implements a number of non-nuclear projects. It is a city-forming enterprise of the closed city of Seversk of the Tomsk region.

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