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Novosibirsk dog got a unique artificial limb thanks to TPU technology

© официальная группа клиники "БЭСТ" в "ВКонтакте"Novosibirsk dog got a unique artificial limb thanks to TPU technology

TOMSK, Nov 2 – RIA Tomsk. Doctors of the Novosibirsk veterinary clinic installed a unique hind paw prosthesis created with the use of the technology of Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU); this is the first successful osseointegrable prosthetic repair in Russia for a dog’s hind limb, the press service of TPU reports on Friday

Earlier it was reported that the research team of TPU under the leadership of Sergey Tverdokhlebov is engaged in the modification of the properties of materials which are used for the production of implants. One of the developments - is titanium implants with a bioactive coating - has already been successfully used in veterinary medicine. The first surgery to implant limb prostheses Novosibirsk veterinary clinic "BEST" conducted in 2017 to two cats.

“Veterinarians from the "BEST" clinic conducted the first successful osseointegrated prosthesis of the pelvic limb in a dog in Russia. The dog named Chance lost a paw as a result of the accident. Especially for him, the doctors created an individual prosthesis with a biocover, ... which was created by specialists of Tomsk Polytechnic University”, – is said in the statement.

Veterinarians did a computer tomography scan of the patient's pelvic limbs. Then, using the scheduler, they created a 3D model of the prosthesis and, after correcting and checking all sizes, they made the prosthesis on a 3D printer using the technology of selective laser sintering. The guides of the prosthesis were made of biocompatible photopolymer, is noted in the message.

"Our task was to apply a calcium phosphate coating on the prosthesis. This is necessary to ensure the integration of the implant with the bone, since this material seems to be deceiving the body and forcing to take the implant as its own... For coating drawing, we developed a new microarc oxidation unit", – the press service quotes the associate professor of the TPU Scientific and Educational Center of Veynberg Sergey Tverdokhlebov.

After implantation, veterinarians fixed the prosthesis with an external exoprosthesis from polycaprolactone. According to Novosibirsk veterinarians, Chance feels well and uses the prosthesis "100% of the time with full support". At the moment, the volunteers of the "Varezhka" ("Mitten") charity foundation are looking for owners for him, is emphasized in the message of the university.

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