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Tomsk universities design a common infrastructure system for students

© РИА Томск. Павел СтефанскийTomsk universities design a common infrastructure system for students

TOMSK, May 14 – RIA Tomsk. The partners of the "Big University" Tomsk project are designing common campus, scientific and social infrastructure systems, the press service of Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) said on Thursday.

It was previously reported that the "Big University" project was launched in the Tomsk region in 2019. It involves all universities and research institutes with the preservation of autonomy and legal independence. The emergence of the "Big University" is necessary to win the competition for the creation of a world-class research and educational center (REC).

There is experience

It is reported that at the Council of the Tomsk Consortium of Universities and Scientific Organizations TPU vice-rector for general issues Dmitry Son presenting proposals for the joint use of university infrastructure, said that the working group of the "Big University" project had identified the inequality and inefficiency in use of resources that had historically developed in Tomsk.

"At the same time, the vice-rector of TPU said, there are already practices in infrastructure sharing in Tomsk. For example, TPU and Siberian State Medical University students are doing sports in the "Polytechnic" sports complex, TSU students undergo treatment and rehabilitation at TPU sanatoriums, students of Siberian State Medical University live in TSUAB dormitories, Tomsk TNRMC institutes uses TPU real estate free of charge", – is said in the report.

The experts of the "Big University" project identified improving the efficiency of property use, reducing the costs of maintaining and operating facilities, pooling resources to create advanced infrastructure, including community centers, research facilities and databases as priority areas.

Mutual interests

"During the year, it is proposed to create a system of "Services of the consortium members" in the directions of "social infrastructure", "operation of infrastructure" transport, engineering and support services), "medical services" and begin designing a digital platform for the sharing of scientific equipment", – reports the press service.

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In addition, it is planned to determine and conduct an examination of promising development areas where new university infrastructure facilities may appear.

Another idea – is to form a system for the provision of mutual services within the consortium: for example, TSUAB specialists can conduct an examination of buildings and structures for all participants. Among the key tasks there is the determination of the legal and economic foundations of cooperation.

"On the part of TPU, we made suggestions to the management of SSMU and TUSUR about using our sports facilities for academic classes in physical education and health improvement of students. We propose to study the issue of providing medical care to students, including foreign students, in the clinics of SSMU. Many foreigners do not speak Russian and face difficulties in servicing in medical institutions of the city", – the press service quotes the vice-rector of TPU.

The meeting participants also proposed to conduct a study of social infrastructure with the involvement of students, to consider the possibility for students to attend classes in sports sections of different universities and institutes, to intensify the study of the development of campus territories with taking into account the urban planning layer.

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