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10:12 PM  May 24, 2020

Russia add 1.5 bln rub to the Tomsk region treasury due to COVID-19

© РИА Томск. Павел СтефанскийRussia add 1.5 bln rub to the Tomsk region treasury due to COVID-19

TOMSK, May 24 – RIA Tomsk. The government allocated more than 1,5 billion rubles to the Tomsk Region for "optimization of the consolidated budget", the revenues of which decreased due to the coronavirus pandemic, the press service of the federal Coronavirus monitoring information centre reported on Sunday.

Earlier it was reported that the authorities of the Tomsk region at the end of April 2020 estimated the loss of income in the regional consolidated budget of the region due to the pandemic of a new coronavirus infection and a fall in oil prices at 25 billion rubles – that is, a third of the total. At the same time, the region will incur additional costs of 14 billion rubles to support business.

According to the press service, on May 22, the Government of the Russian Federation approved a decree according to which 100 billion rubles were allocated from the state budget to support 56 constituent entities of the Russian Federation, where tax and non-tax revenues to the budgets decreased as of May 1, 2020. The amount of subsidies for each of them is calculated with taking into account the priority expenses.

"Funds in the amount of 1 billion 542 million 97 thousand rubles will be directed to the budget of the Tomsk region. The government hopes that this measure will help balance the consolidated budgets of the constituent entities of the Federation in the context of economic constraints associated with the epidemiological situation", – is said in the report.

It was also previously reported that all decisions on adjustments to the budget of the Tomsk region in the context of the coronavirus epidemic since April 1 have been made by the governor Sergey Zhvachkin without the approval of deputies of the regional Duma. The authorities announced that in 2020 the region will not be able to afford to increase costs, and a number of regional programs will have to be stopped. The list of budget expenditures to be sequenced has not been disclosed.

Authorities at various levels are developing measures to support economic entities that have suffered the most during the epidemic – from issuing state subsidies, loans at 0% to pay salaries to employees, to lowering a number of taxes and issuing compensation for public services, and so on. The authorities of the Tomsk region planned to send about 100 million rubles to support the business, 50 million of which were expected from the state budget. Later it became known that the government will send to the region for these purposes not 50, but 244 million rubles.

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