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8:09 PM  June 25, 2020

About 1 thousand foreigners enter Tomsk State University in 2020

© РИА Томск. Таисия ВоронцоваAbout 1 thousand foreigners enter Tomsk State University in 2020

TOMSK, Jun 25 – RIA Tomsk. About a thousand citizens of the countries of near and far abroad expressed a desire to enter Tomsk State University (TSU) for the first week of the admission campaign; foreign applicants pass online entrance tests on Zoom, Moodle and others platforms, the university’s press service said on Thursday.

It is explained that for admission to TSU, foreign applicants pass the same exams as Russian students within the framework of the USE. Entrance tests are carried out by teachers of TSU. In 2020, due to the danger of the spread of coronavirus infection, entrance tests are conducted on electronic platforms.

"On June 20, Tomsk State University launched an admission campaign. Foreign citizens who want to study at TSU traditionally pass entrance tests organized by the university. About 1,000 residents of near and far abroad wanted to pass exams in the first week", – is said in the report.

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It is specified that 830 citizens from the CIS countries and about 160 residents of far abroad (China, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Colombia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nigeria, Palestine, Syria, Japan, Ecuador, USA, Spain, Afghanistan, Egypt, Indonesia, Cameroon, Zambia, Italy, Saudi Arabia) wanted to take entrance exams at TSU, says the report.

"Entrance tests will last until August 18. Examinations are held on platforms that are convenient for applicants – for someone it is Zoom, there are those who pass in the Moodle electronic system and so on. In this sense, the law does not limit us. The main condition that must be observed – all applicants must be on an equal footing", – the press service quotes the head of the TSU new recruitment department Evgeny Pavlov.

What do foreigners striving for?

The most popular master's degree programs for foreign applicants from far abroad are international management, Eurasian integration, applied informatics, physics and radio physics. At the bachelor's degree programs software engineering, Tomsk International Science Program, international relations, regional studies of Russia, linguistics and philology are more popular, the report says.

Applicants from the CIS countries, mainly, enter the specialty of physical, mathematical and natural sciences. Applicants will be finally determined with the choice of specialty after the results of entrance examinations become known.

"The first to receive the status of a TSU student this year were 58 people from far abroad, they will study at the university under the quotas of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation. Among them there are 20 citizens from Vietnam, 18 people from Laos, ten students from Indonesia. In addition, there are presented ... China, Turkey, Syria, USA, Mongolia, Algeria and others", – Pavlov is quoted.

Students will be enrolled at the bachelor's degree and specialist's programs on August 24 (the first wave) and August 26 (the second wave). Students of the master's degree programs will be enrolled on August 19, the report noted.

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