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10:30 PM  November 19, 2020

Students of five Tomsk universities will pass term exams remotely

© РИА Томск. Таисия ВоронцоваStudents of five Tomsk universities will pass term exams remotely

TOMSK, Nov 19 – RIA Tomsk. Tomsk universities except Siberian State Medical University (SSMU) start distance learning from December 1 or 10, winter term exams are planned to be online; more than 400 students have been ill with COVID-19, the deputy governor for scientific and educational complex Lyudmila Ogorodova said on the regional administration's page on the Instagram.

Earlier it was reported that in order to minimize the spread of COVID-19, Tomsk universities began a new academic year in a mixed mode - intramural form of education was combined with online. Earlier, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation also published an order of Minister Valery Falkov on the transition of the country's universities to "remote work" before the start of the second semester. Regional higher educational institutions were recommended to agree on the "distance" with the Russian Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing (Rospotrebnadzor).

"Expecting an increase in ARVI and influenza cases in December, we agreed yesterday (November 18), we had the consortium, and this has already been fixed by the regulatory orders in universities... Second, third, and fourth year students will be taken to the  distance" from December 1 or 10 - in different universities in different ways. This does not apply only to Siberian State Medical University, since more than 1.5 thousand students today are helping the health care system", - Ogorodova said.

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To make it possible to switch to distance learning in December, universities have moved laboratory classes and other couples that require a full-time format to November, the deputy governor added.

"Documents and orders will be issued. An order has already been issued at TUSUR, an order will be issued at TPU, TSPU, where it will be written for students that they will be transferred to "distant" until February 6", - she said, adding that term exams will also be held remotely.

In addition, Ogorodova said that a total of 427 students in Tomsk universities fell ill with COVID-19 (0.7% of the total). Most of those infected in Siberian State Medical University, as medical students help in the struggle, and at Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) - because of corridor-type dormitories.

More than 100 university employees have been infected with the coronavirus, of which 2/3 are teachers. "Moreover, the largest number of cases at Tomsk State University, which was at a "distant", that is, these teachers fell ill at home, not at TSU", - the deputy governor noted.

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