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Technology of TPU scientists will reduce the cost of drugs production

© РИА Томск. Элеонора ЧернаяTechnology of TPU scientists will reduce the cost of drugs production

TOMSK, Feb 16 – RIA Tomsk, Evgenia Plankina. Scientists of Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU) together with foreign colleagues developed technology of iodonium salts receiving which will reduce the price of production of drugs and chemical production on their basis, the head of the Department of Technology of Organic Substances and Polymer Materials TPU Mekhman Yusubov reported RIA Tomsk.

He specified that scientists suggest not to use in production of drugs and chemical production organic oxidizers and to replace them with inorganic ones. This approach is consistent with the principles of "green technology", when in production refuse to use dangerous, toxic and expensive chemicals in favor of safer and cheaper.

"If in production of medicinal substances organic oxidizers are used, for example derivatives of acetic or benzole acid, then they can be replaced with inorganic oxidizers, for example hydrogen peroxide, persulphates and perchlorates which are part of bleaches. And it will be environmentally safer", – Yusubov told.

He noted that usually in chemical production are used organic oxidizers. But at such approach received final product needs to be separated from their remains for what expensive solvents and additional expenses on the electric power are required. Besides, cleaning is unsafe – in process in the atmosphere evaporate easily volatile and harmful substances. TPU method doesn't demand additional cleaning.

According to him, nobody used such approach for receiving of iodonium salts. The technology can be useful in various fields of science and technology. In particular, in production of the medicines and radiopharmaceuticals used for diagnostics and theranostics – medical approach at which medicines and techniques are at the same time both means of early diagnostics and treatment.

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