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TSU offers its students to study at the leading university of China

© с сайта университета ЦинхуаTSU offers its students to study at the leading university of China

TOMSK, Jul 13 – RIA Tomsk. Students of any field of study at Tomsk State University (TSU) can apply for free tuition at Chinese Tsinghua University's virtual summer school until July 15; the program includes topics such as economics, education, society and the environment, the university’s press service said Monday.

According to the press service, Tsinghua University – is the leader in China's national university rankings, ranks the 15th in the overall QS ranking. In June 2020, there was an enrollment in the first summer school of the university for students in IT-fields. A student of the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (IAMCS TSU) Artyom Kovalenko passed from TSU to the school. Tuition was paid by the partner of the university – Huawei company.

"Until July 15, registration for another Tsinghua virtual summer school - Toward a Post-Pandemic World is open, students and postgraduate students of any direction of TSU can apply for it. A scholarship for teaching the best students of TSU is also provided", – is said in the statement.

According to the website of the university, the program of this summer school covers various topics, including economics, education, society, climate, environment and leadership. Thanks to both theoretical lectures and innovative and interactive cultural events, participants will study the problems facing the world today.

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The program is carried out in the form of group discussions, key lectures and seminars on various online platforms in English.

Experience of cooperation

According to Artyom Kovalenko, a student of IAMCS TSU, who attended the first summer school of Tsinghua University for IT students in June, classes on the program begin at 18.30 Tomsk time, until 21.30 there is a large lecture on which the professor talks about a new topic. Then, for another two hours, the assistant professors set the students a practical task, the solution of which must be passed by 18.30 the next day.

"It’s difficult to learn, it takes all the strength, but it happens, as I found out, not because of a lack of knowledge, but because of the load. In my opinion, I have enough purely mathematical knowledge, tasks are often voluminous. In this summer school I met several guys, they also say that their training takes away all their time", – says the student.

In total, 60 people from America, Kenya, India, Malaysia, Russia and other countries study at the Tsinghua University’s summer school for IT students. Many of them – are representatives of prestigious universities such as Harvard and Washington universities. In addition to lectures and practice, the school hosts Chinese language lessons and meetings with representatives of large technology companies, such as Huawei and Tencent.

Earlier it was reported that TSU and Huawei signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of education. The company plans to pay personal scholarships to students, postgraduate students of TSU and their supervisors, and the university will assist in the training of promising personnel.

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Artyom Kovalenko

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