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Student olympiads "open doors" to Tomsk State University

© предоставлено пресс-службой ТГУStudent olympiads open doors to Tomsk State University

TOMSK, Dec 21 – RIA Tomsk. To enter a master's program at Tomsk State University (TSU) without exams and undergo an internship in a company from the real sector of the economy - such opportunities are provided by academic competitions (olympiads) for students organized by the university. Details are in the material of RIA Tomsk.

As it's reported on the TSU website, in autumn three olympiads started at the university at once - qualifying stages of Open doors, "I am a Professional" and "TSU Master's". Their diploma winners will be able to enter the state university without exams, having received 100 points for entrance tests or interviews and other bonuses.

“We want students who have an active position during their studies to study with us. Olympiads are just a good tool for selecting such talented students. Therefore, the university is actively involved in olympiad projects”, - the head of the department of vocational guidance and work with the regions of management of the new admission of TSU Anna Korshunova said RIA Tomsk.

"TSU Master's"

43 directions are offered by the student olympiad "TSU Master's". As the name implies, students who have scored the maximum number of points enter the university's master's program on special conditions: they are awarded maximum points for entrance examinations, additional points for individual achievements and other bonuses.

The opportunity to participate in the academic competition is provided to students and graduates of any university of any state, while the profile of the existing education and the date of obtaining a diploma of higher education do not matter. The number of directions for each participant is not limited.

The olympiad is held remotely until January 10. Participants need to register through the site, create a personal account and start completing tasks. A complete list of all master's programs at TSU can be found at the link.

"I am a Professional"

This is the All-Russian Student Olympiad, co-organized by Tomsk State University. It is the flagship project of the presidential platform "Russia – Land of Opportunity". The olympiad is held in 72 areas - from agronomy to space exploration, of which four are assigned to TSU - biotechnology, geology, psychology and ecology.

Among the participants of the academic competition there are undergraduate, specialist and graduate students from Russian universities, and among the partners there are companies from the real sector of the economy. As previously reported on the university's website, this season almost 10 thousand applications have been received for the olympiad, including more than three thousand from TSU students.

© предоставлено пресс-службой ТГУ
"I am a professional" olympiad at TSU
 "The olympiad is held with the participation of industrial partners of the university, including Gazprom, SIBUR and others. This is an opportunity to show the students the requirements that are set not only by the university, but also by future employers. Students can correlate their buildings with the requirements of the real market, and then adjust their individual educational trajectory", - explains Korshunova.

According to her, the partners of the university are involved in the development of tasks, while the competition tests are more difficult compared to the entrance exams during the admissions campaign.

"The real sector of the economy and the university test students in this way. Industrial partners invite participants of the olympiads for internships, participate in winter and summer schools (educational forums). In short, they are interested in getting a good graduate", - emphasizes the agency's interlocutor.

© предоставлено пресс-службой ТГУ
Participants of the winter school "I am a professional" at TSU

Open Doors olympiad

This olympiad is intended for foreigners who want to enter the master's or postgraduate studies at TSU and other Russian universities.

There are 11 directions in the academic competition. Three profiles are supervised by Tomsk State University: biology and biotechnology, linguistics and modern languages, neuroscience and psychology. To participate, one need to register on the project website and start performing tasks.

It is important for applicants to the master's program to be a student of the last year of the bachelor's degree or to have a diploma of its completion. Participants in the postgraduate track will need a specialist or master's degree, and they will also need to go through an additional stage of the olympiad - online interviews with potential academic advisors.

An important point: the implementation of the olympiad tasks and further studying at universities is possible in Russian and English.

As specified on the TSU website, the winners and prize-winners of the olympiad can choose any direction of training within the profile in which they participated, and then a master's degree at a Russian university in this direction.

"The list includes more than 500 universities from 80 cities of Russia. Winners of any direction will be able to enter TSU following the results of the Open Doors olympiad", - the website of Tomsk State University said.

As Korshunova notes, each of the three academic competitions has its own task, and Open Doors is designed specifically to attract talented foreign students to Russian universities.

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