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Zhvachkin and rectors: victory in "Priority" speaks of right strategy

© с сайта администрации Томской областиZhvachkin and rectors: victory in Priority speaks of right strategy

TOMSK, Oct 5 – RIA Tomsk. The victory of four Tomsk universities at once in the competition of the Minobrnauki of the Russian Federation under the Priority 2030 program testifies to the correct strategy for the creation of the Big University of Tomsk, Governor Sergei Zhvachkin is quoted by the press service of Tomsk State University (TSU) on Tuesday.

Earlier it was reported that four Tomsk universities at once – TSU, Polytechnic (TPU), University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics (TUSUR) and Siberian State Medical University (SSMU) – became participants in the Priority 2030 state program and will receive additional funding for their development for a total of almost 3 billion rubles.

"The convincing victory of Tomsk universities suggests that we correctly chose the strategy for the development of Tomsk higher school. It is based on the Big University project, a stake on advanced research work, cooperation with the real sector of the economy and knowledge-intensive business," the governor of the Tomsk region is quoted.

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The Rector of TSU and the head of the consortium of universities and academic institutes of Tomsk, Eduard Galazhinsky, is sure that the grant received by the university will affect the development of both TSU and the entire region. "The closest guidelines of TSU will be the re-assembly of the scientific agenda and the focus on research frontiers, an ecosystem approach and an orientation towards interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary interaction," Galazhinsky is quoted.

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Acting Rector of TPU Dmitry Sednev also considers the result of Tomsk residents at the competition of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education to be recognition of the potential of the scientific and educational complex of the region. "Now we have a strategy and a clear plan of action. I am grateful to every polytechnic whose work made it possible to create this program and will help implement it," the TPU press service quoted Sednev.

"By strengthening and uniting the uniqueness of each participant, universities and institutes of Tomsk are developing a common strategy for the Grand University of Tomsk in addition to their own - a strategy for the development and creation of a world-class university in the region," TUSUR Rector Victor Rulevsky commented on the results of the competition, it is quoted by the press service of the university.

A special grant from the Ministry of Ministry of Science and Higher Education to SSMU is considered a recognition of the leadership of the university in its industry. "We have started implementing strategic projects. Each of them implies the transformation of faculties through the unification of the world and national research agenda, best clinical practice and new educational technologies," the press service of the SSMU quotes the words of the Rector Evgeny Kulikov.

Earlier it was reported that at the first stage of the competition, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education selected 106 universities, including four from Tomsk, which will receive grants of 100 million rubles. According to the results of the selection at the second stage, TSU and TPU won special grants for almost 1 billion more, TUSUR – 426 million rubles, SSMU – 142 million.

It was also reported that the Big University project, in which all universities and academic institutes of the Tomsk region participate, does not imply their legal merger. However, within the framework of the consortium, universities agreed to coordinate their development strategies and, for example, take into account each other's projects when submitting applications for Priority 2030.

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